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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Understanding the Sports Industry

    • Discover a Career You Are Passionate About

    • Teamwork and Leadership in the Workplace with Alan Stein

    • Expectations from the Start with Lorne Segall

    • BONUS: Starting Your Journey

  • 2

    Module 2: Elevate Your Career Search

    • Differentiating Yourself Through Your Resume - Darin White

    • Passing the Resume Appearance Test in Less than 6 Seconds

    • The 4 P's to Interviewing with Jeff Fellenzer

    • Uncovering the Secrets of the Cover Letter with Nicole Imbrogno

    • How to Answer the "Tell Me About Yourself" Question

    • The Process of Promotion from Intern to Full Time with Mark Gress

    • BONUS: Cover Letter Template and Example

  • 3

    Module 3: Become a Champion Networker

    • The 6 Steps to Becoming a Champion Networker

    • Leveraging LinkedIn to Create Opportunity with Dawon Baker

    • BONUS: 7 Beneficial Informational Interview Questions

    • BONUS: 11 Networking Emails to Create and Develop Authentic Relationships

  • 4

    Module 4: Personal Branding

    • How Curiosity and Dedication Led to Being an Elite Sports Journalist with Alex Kennedy

    • Authenticity and Consistency Equal Influence with Lana Berry

    • Social Media Strategies for Success with Karen Freberg

    • The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

    • BONUS: Managing Your Online Reputation

  • 5

    Module 5: Find Your Perfect Fit in Sports

    • Sell the Experience, Not Just the Ticket with John Beaven

    • Connecting Brands and Athletes in a Digital World with Blake Lawrence

    • The Evolution of Corporate Sponsorships with Blain Skinner

    • Breaking the Story with Kari Van Horn

    • The Road to Sports Executive with Pat Gallagher

    • Connect the Dots and Build the Brand in Public Relations with Chad Steele

    • Loving the Law with Heather Brooks Karatz

    • Strength and Conditioning with Daniel Guzman

    • The 24/7 Life of Digital Media with Brian Wagner

    • Creating, Managing and Growing Events with Niki Angleton

    • Winning the Community Relations Raffle with Travis Gorsch

    • The Rapidly Growing Business of E- Sports with Ryan Lawrence

    • Observe Your Way to Success in the NFL with Kyle Eversgerd

  • 6

    BONUS Videos

    • The Journey of Front Office Sports with Adam White

    • Utilizing Emotional Intelligence to Become a Desirable Candidate with Scott Cvetkovski

    • The #1 Way Hiring Managers Go Through the Job Application Process

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